Monday, 13 August 2012

The Party Animal

So I walked into the concert wandering why the hec did I buy tickets to be surrounded by a group of drunk people partying to ... Well nothing apart from the slurps of beer and the rhythm of footsteps. After getting my Zoo-Zoo cocktail I walked onto the dancefloor and started moving to the beat of the fast rock music that was pumping out of the monstrous stereos. HALF AN HOUR later I was dancing with everyone around me having a really good time, letting my hair down and jumping widly at the band that was playing on the stage.. PLEASE NOTE (The Guittarist - Pwoaaaaaaar!!!! ) .. Anyway back to the blog.. The whole point of this blog is to spread a simple message..                                            WHAT'S THE POINT OF TRYING TO FIT IN WHEN YOUR BORN TO STAND OUT.. Too many people feel influenced by super-models, pop stars or anything which makes them feel less important than the things they idolise on . Some people get lost into trying to make themselves perfect or better than they are which is completely useless because you never know who will love you for who you are inside.. Not what you try to make yourself be on the outside. Enough of me blabbering about life quotes... I'm off to town to buy blue hair dye... Only live life once so why not?