Thursday, 30 May 2013


Anyone, how do you share 'circles'... How do you connect and follow people?? How do you do all the bits and bobs on here?


Suscribe to my BLOGGG. Still getting used to this techno stuff so don't expect anything wacky or mind boggling. Anon.

Monkey-ing around

Just came back from the 4 day road trip that lasted a night.... The tree top climbing was an..EXPERIENCE... At one point, one by one we had to FREE FALL out of an 80ft oak tree...We then swang up into a vertical crash net which we had to climb back onto the platform to carry on tree-trecking... Felt like an orangutan...With a harness.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Was at work the other day, It had been an incredible long day...So I went to clean out the bins (Such a lovely, humble job) and i started talking to the bin aimlessly, sharing my thoughts. Turned round to find another member of staff staring and laughing at me..

"C'mon bin, I wanna see 100% shine or else ill douse you in domestos...How would you like that?"
When your walking through the street of your hometown with your younger sister and a woman on a hollistic therpay stall beckons you to have an audio massage infront of a crowd.. So thats what happened yesterday, she made train whistle nosies into my ear and jabbed at my back for a good 7-8 minutes whilst claiming that i was gaining energy in my 'eternal self' infront of a crowd armed with phones and video recorders.. Tried to contain my laughter as it was a rather bizzare expieriece..
Off on holidaywith ma mere - I wonder where we are going ;--)

Friday, 24 May 2013

That craving where you want to fill your face with oreos, chocolate and potato waffles. ARG.
So mum said I could choose an activity to do on holiday - I chose TREE BUNGEE JUMPING...

Thursday, 23 May 2013


....When your watching a movie in the pictures and someones lover has just died, everyones like depressed and your best mates tummy lets of a dying whale sound that violently echoes through the still, mute cinema..


........The awkward moment in McDonals when an emo orders a happy meal.


So today I tried a falafal... CHICKPEAS, MINTY STUFF and all the vegetables that I'd normally loook at in the supermarket before retreating out the aisle and heading towards the confectionary.

Most yummiest, NOMMIEST shit I've eaten in a while and guess what - ITS GOOD FOR YOU. Its full of the good stuff that does good shizzle to your gutssss ladies and gents ANDDD it includes all the nommy - licious stuff that we all want gorge on.

AGAHdomctr irjkghdjkgcm slivtnhq;owajgcnkh s;gziho vgsdhngh;hg.

Whats with the whole "SUP"... *Half nod* - Blank face like greeting... When we were alien like feoutus's I swear down that a vocabulary including the words HELLO were created.. And what the hell is up with the teenage grunt that is slowly taking over the boy-kind?

Girl - Boy conversation: "Hey!! How are you??" "uuuwgh"

...The trouser thing, half way down your legs? Why... No-one, i repeat NO-ONE wants to see your crack..

WHAT THE FUCQQQ does 'See you later mean'!!!! Like in a minute.. an hour.. next week?? COME ON YOU MALE SPECIMEN... MORE informacion... sil vous plait!!!

Why is there ALWAYS  a race to loose their virginities?? Some kinda hierachy thing?? Like c'mon..

Dont you love it how guys moan about being tired like 24/7???
"Im soo tired *grunt*" "oh, what time ya go to bed last night then?" "4AM... I was playing Call of Duty"

........................................................>.< THERES YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!! scliftrhs jdfkvnzkslc nyf suhaCOFHYAN SILHFJKZHDBFILAUSGFCH MoaxideoqUFDOIorvtkje sgcndgf caoirhg vuaseghaisodjf xCVTN APIWJRG'IAEOGHEG'COWIRGHAIOGH'AOISDGHJh s;rouighcv rhgse.
Have you ever wanted to walk into the middle of the street and just yell NINJA TURTLE? Well... I ask you too... I ask you to go out and shout it out.. Just for the pure sake of it.. You know you want to. There is no point in this post... I applaude you if your reading this. I TAKE MY FUCKING HAT OF TO YOU. Anon.
DEAR my fellow internet friends,
Its nearly been a year since I last wrote - Crazy stuff! SO over the last year I've flown to Antartica to hang out with the polar bears..Met a really nice one called Dave, hung out in the igloo a few times. I've been to the deep south of America to stuff my face with all American burgers - Kidding, I turned vegiterean.....I've also went down the Venician river on a Gondola and rescued a donkey flying out of the mid-air in southern Portugal.

....I've actually worked..and worked..and GUESS what... worked.. Took the garbage out a few times a week..Worked.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. I rescued a toad in the drains at work... WORKWORKWORK... Sucks being an adult *face of dis-content*