Saturday, 14 July 2012


I have absolutley no desire to be a Size 0, perfectly tanned, manicured and waxed human being. Ive also no desire to have a mansion with 10 deluxe, en-suite bathrooms with chandeleas which which jingle ever so slightly when the fitted air conditioning gets turned up. Ive no desire to eat cavier with a spoon so small it could easily fit a five pence penny on it. I definatley have no desire to fly to differnet parts of the world in million pound jets just so i can sip champagne among other human beings that claim themselves to be more extrodinary then the rest of us.

The only desire i have is to be happy and fullfilled with life. Just to love, live and enjoy every day that comes by. Because... After all.. "60 seconds of sadness is 60 seconds of happiness you will never get back" - Andy Six.

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