Saturday, 14 July 2012

The End Of The World.

This is the year the world is offically going to end. Personally i dont believe it will... After all, the world was supposedly ameant to end in 1967.. then 1981.. then 2000. Sooo....

Here are some of the ideas from scientists, sci-fi fanatics and facebook on how THEY think the world is going to end..

The Scientists - Some believe that nothing castrophic will happen... Which is a gentle way of saying nothing major will happen. Panic button off!
However some scientists belive that the continents will be ripped apart by monsterous earthquakes and tornados. Damn. But then... Where is the evidence for that?!

The philsophists - According to these wonderfull mind thinkers there was a calender made by the cavemen in the dark ages... Funnily enough the calender only went up to 2012. So this is where the idea came that the world would only last untill 2012.

Facebook - I read on facebook a quote that i thought was fairly humerous..
' How come the world ends in 2012 if my youghurt expires in 2013..' Fair enough!

Post below YOUR ideas about the world ending this year.. Im keen to know what y'all think.

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