Saturday, 14 July 2012

Over the last few decades, the music industry has changed drastically. It was no out of the ordinary for somebody to walk into a record shop and purchase a Lynnell record to play on their "Turn table". But if you were to do this now, it could be considered slightly strange. Instead of listening to a good old record, its now perfectly acceptable to plug your ipod into your wireless laptop and download a piece of music which could of technically flown in millions of particles from across the world. That my fellow readers, is what i call a change in the music industry.

Think back to when you last went to a concert, gig or music festival. Cant remember? Well answer this... When was the last time you logged onto the world wide web and googled, you-tubed or groove sharked your favourite band or singer. Last night? Thought so...

Take a visit into your loft, attic or garage and dig out your photo album, flick a few pages back until you reach a collection of good, old black and white photos. Does it happily bring back memories of when you were supposedly wearing full Lycra, neon outfits and when you arranged your hair into ridiculously, over sized bee-hives? Maybe this was the era where you first began to save all your pocket money to purchase a rock and roll ticket to see your favourite band and giggle nervously as they sung your favourite song down the microphone which you had spent weeks before singing completely out of tune down your aerosol can.

The last 'concert' i went to was a 3D, live concert which took place on my 3D computer in my house! Imagine that... Nickleback playing LIVE in MY house.... Virtually of course.

Take Justin Bieber for instance. An Internet sensation that turned into an all around girl magnet. Brainwashing millions of girls into singing ridiculously high songs that could even deafen a humpback whale. Making girls push, shove, punch and do whatever it takes to get a tincy-wincy glance of this Internet sensation which quite smugly steps out of a £2.4 million jet and leaves half of the female population drooling after his footsteps. Yep, its sure ridiculous.

Without the Internet there would be no tweeting, no writing on walls and no downloading music of dodgy music sites which we secretly know we all do.

In fact, take away the Internet and we would of time warped back into the 1980's all over again. So yes, the music industry has changed very much indeed. Right, I'm off.... (Need to go and catch up on last nights Eastenders on Iplayer).

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